07 Tips to Choose Your Best Mattress

You would have realized by this time the importance of your mattress in determining the quality of the sleep you experience. Inadequate mattresses may result in neck, shoulder and back pains, and disrupt the patterns of your sleep. However even if you’re mentally committed to procuring a new mattress, with so many options around, it is hard to know how to begin your search let alone closing with the right purchase. To address the problem of how to choose, we write in this blog mentioning 7 tips to choose your best mattress.

Points to take into account on the way to purchasing your perfect mattress:


Mattresses can be ranked in order of the firmness they offer. If you’ve slept on a piece of wood, you could consider that to be the highest level of firmness. And if you could imagine yourself sleeping on a tuft of cloud, that would be the pinnacle of softness. Most people therefore are looking for something in between the cloud and the wood, when they embark on a search for their ideal mattress. It may be worthwhile to note here that firmness and the supportive quality are sometimes, erroneously, used interchangeably. This is because there are firm mattresses that offer little support, and soft mattresses that offer considerable support.

Touch & Feel 

The texture of your mattress throws up another criterion for you to consider while choosing your ideal mattress. Even though most people use bed sheets to cover the surfaces of their mattress, the texture of a mattress may still make its presence felt owing to the seams and embroidered patterns on its surface. This is however a relatively muted search criteria and one that may not influence customer choices as much as the other factors unless one is expressly looking for it.


There are various kinds of mattresses available in the market. Innerspring mattresses rely on the mechanism of built in metal springs. Air mattresses depend on inflation by air, and memory foam mattresses are soft and popular. Then there are water beds that are based on the concept of free flowing water, while gel-based mattresses also have many takers. Modern mattresses tend to come more pliant designs and respond better to your stated needs. However it is difficult to pick an overall winner since the needs of every individual are different and there are so many variables that contribute to the quality of your sleep. Therefore the decisions devolve to your personal preferences.

And so, while there are many takers for memory foam or gel-based mattresses, there are many who naturally prefer the innerspring variety as well.


The size of your mattress may affect the quality of your sleep. The bigger the mattress you buy, the greater will be its cost. A bigger mattress may allow you more leeway in terms of the sleeping positions you can adopt. If you have a partner sleeping alongside you, a bigger mattress may prove ideal for such situations. Your hunt for a larger mattress may however be limited by the size of your bed frame. If you wish to stick to the frame, it may disallow a bigger mattress. The correct size of mattress for you will automatically induce a feeling of coziness and comfort.


Different mattresses have different definitions of longevity. Whereas an innerspring mattress may be more likely to suffer wear and tear, and incur a faster deterioration, necessitating a quicker replacement, other mattress may have been manufactured with more attention to detail and are thus likely to last longer. On average, you should be changing your mattress every 10 years. It is important here to note that investing in a better quality mattress and possibly paying a higher price than the median cost pays off in the long run as such mattresses stay faithful to their purpose for a longer period of time.


Most mattresses are not modifiable. Some mattresses, however, allow for essential modifications in their positions and firmness; some even offer different adjustments for the left and right sides of a bed. If you and your partner have contrasting views on the role they expect their mattress to play, a modifiable mattress may cater to both you and your partner separately yet together.


The final determining factor that you need to consider when it comes to answering the question of how to choose the perfect mattress has to be the price of the product. If you have a stringent budget, there is not much leeway for you to surf the market. However, going for a high quality mattress that is possibly priced higher than the median or average price, will more often than not result in you getting a product that will last you for many years and come with many additional features.  


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