7 reasons to invest in a mattress protector

The bed mattress is easily the most used component of a modern home, with inhabitants spending around 10 hours on average everyday perched or laid atop their mattresses. A mattress protector is a removable sheet placed on top of the mattress, or an envelope with zippers designed to cover and insulate a mattress. The following article shows you 7 reasons to invest in a mattress protector:

Mattress protectors improve the life of a mattress

Typically, innerspring mattresses last around 6 years, while memory foam or latex mattresses with the right care can last up to fifteen years. A mattress protector boosts the durability and resilience of a mattress.

Guard against spillage

If you have a new-born baby at home, it may take some time for the child to imbibe toilet habits thus ruling out bed-wetting, which would potentially jeopardize the mattress. A mattress wet with body fluids may lose its ability to provide comfort and an ideal level of support. If you have a habit of eating in bed, crumbs of food may stain the mattress unless it is protected by a mattress protector. 

Protects your investment

Often mattresses are chosen based on the use and return policies proffered by manufacturers. However, the return option is invalidated if your mattress gets stained or gets excessively dirty. A mattress is a significant investment and it makes sense to protect it from hazardous spillages or accumulation of dirt.

Protects against allergens and pathogens

Mattresses are where the average homebody spends the maximum time. It is therefore imperative that mattresses are maintained as a safe and risk free anchorage for human occupation. An unprotected mattress could, however, swiftly deteriorate into a haven for pathogens and allergens that thrive in the crevices and under the stitching of mattresses. Risk factors for a mattress include dead skin cells, bacteria such as Ecoli, bed bugs and dust mites, fungi, silverfish and fleas, airborne pollutants, sweat and fluid build-up, pet hair and fecal matter and decaying food crumbs.

Easier to clean

A stained mattress protector is far easier to clean than a dirty mattress. The former can simply be tossed inside a washing machine, whereas with a mattress you do not have that option. A mattress can only be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, but with a protector you are not tied down to a solitary solution.

Leads to fewer allergies

Stemming from the infiltration of bed bugs and dust mites, your mattress area can harm you causing you to catch allergies such as dermatitis and asthma. In case of a protected mattress, however, you are saved the trouble of cleaning the mattress for allergy causing agents.

Helps maintain the shape, feel and integrity of a mattress

A mattress protector can come created out of various materials such as polyester, cotton or plush. The seventh reason why you should invest in a mattress protector is because it is helpful when it comes to boosting the durability of a mattress, ensuring a greater time span between replacements. It is therefore a straight contest between using a mattress protector and having to spend on a new mattress, the latter being a far more expensive option. 

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