7 Reasons Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Important

In the following blog article, we shall be going over 7 reasons why a good night’s sleep is important for the sustenance of our bodies and maintenance of conditions that we hold important to our well-being.

Sleep well for a healthy heart

A disturbed or patchy sleep pattern increases the risk of heart disease. The condition of sleep has a relationship with the way our blood vessels function, which is why most incidents of heart attack occur in the early morning hours. The absence of sleep results in complications related to blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Thus it is important to find 7 to 9 hours of sleep to waylay these potential health hazards.

Good Sleeping habits minimize the threat of pernicious ailments

Research on the subject states that lack of sleep results in the reduced secretion of Melatonin, a chemical that controls the sleep-wake cycle, and is also known to inhibit the growth of tumours. The production of Melatonin is held back by one’s exposure to light. Therefore it is crucial to have and use a bedroom that is dark. It is for the same reason that it is advisable to refrain from using electronic gadgets close to one’s sleeping area at sleep time.

Sleep well if you want to tone your bodies and lose weight

Ghrelin and Leptin, two hormones that regulate our appetites, are disrupted by lack of sleep. That creates the ground for a potentially overweight or obese body.

Sleep cuts down on stress

A sleep deficient body secretes stress hormones and triggers high blood pressure, putting the body on high alert. Thus, it is important to learn and practice relaxation techniques to reclaim the sacrosanct integrity of the body from conditions induced by high stress levels.

Good sleep patterns fight and slow down inflammation

Studies indicate that inflammations within the body are what are responsible for the manifest processes of aging. Stress hormones have a direct and causal relationship with inflammations.  Sleep intervenes in this build-up and keeps the body supple, healthy and youthful.

Sleep transforms you and your levels of alacrity when awake

A good night’s sleep leads to you waking up energized and refreshed. When you carry that feeling into the daylight and watch it imbue the things you do, it fills you with a good feeling and makes another good night’s sleep more accessible. 

A healthy sleep pattern improves your memory

When we sleep, the body is prone and resting, but the mind is yet busy, involved in a process that is called memory consolidation. Going over the memories of the day, the sensory inputs absorbed, and reflections on one’s own actions, deep sleep is the time that accommodates a flurry of brain activity so important in the upkeep and maintenance of a healthy memory. The importance of a good night’s sleep thus cannot be overstated enough, for one to remain healthy and active.

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