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Problems with sleep quality in cities around the world:  Insufficient sleep is increasingly emerging as a malady that affects people around the world. A sleep disorder is categorized as an event wherein an individual doesn’t get quality sleep for the duration necessary for the healthy upkeep of his/her body and mind. It is also evidenced by the lack of ability in an individual to function normally in his/her waking hours, a problem attributable to lack of sleep. This disorder can deteriorate into other medical problems, commonly mental health issues. With the discovery and identification of over a hundred kinds of sleep disorders by medical scientists and professionals, one can succinctly pare the subject down to the following few symptoms:

  1. One finds it difficult to fall asleep or one cannot find sleep for the duration necessary.
  2. The days are close to dysfunctional because one finds it difficult to stay awake.
  3. There are discrepancies in one’s daily routine that interfere with and obviate a correct sleep schedule.
  4. One is susceptible to behavior that precludes or disturbs his/her sleep.

Any or more of the above symptoms can be a harbinger of a sleep disorder, and it is therefore important that a doctor is consulted at the earliest.

The most common sleep disorders are mentioned below:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Sleep Apnea
  3. Narcolepsy
  4. Restless leg syndrome
  5. Parasomnias
  6. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.
  7. Non-24-Hour Sleep Wake Disorder.
  8. Excessive Sleepiness.

How 30Tech is hoping to enable everyone in the world to sleep better:

We are a group of companies that focuses on improving the future of sleep.We do this through the world’s first blockchain, community-driven sleep wellness ecosystem. Sleep Why choose 30 tech Mattress

For our sleep-to-earn project SLEEPFUTURE, we reward users with $SLEEP based on their sleep quality through SLEEPEE: a sleep monitoring mobile app. Users can use $SLEEP to purchase products and services related to sleep in our SLEEPEE STORE. Refer to our other blogs to find evidence of our understanding on the subject of how to choose a mattress and why choosing 30 Tech to find a mattress ideal for you is the way to go. The mattresses and other products will be delivered to your doorstep by our own logistics team, SLEEP EXPRESS. It is important here to reiterate that you would do well to delegate the job of finding your custom mattress to us, for we are the ones with the experience and insights on the subject. The benefits of using 30 Tech Mattresses are outlined in the other blogs.

Users can also learn how to improve their sleep by looking at articles or videos from SLEEPEDU, and do a video consultation with a sleep specialist, therapist or doctor through SLEEPDOC. Users can also participate in sleep research studies sponsored by medical technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies using SLEEPCLOUD, and earn $SLEEP.

In case an investor or media group would like to find out more about 30Tech and our projects, please contact us at sleep@30tech.co.

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